Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC)

Autism is the short term for Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC).

There is no known single cause of autism. It is defined by a certain set of behaviors, and is a so called “spectrum condition” that affects individuals differently and to varying degrees. Characteristics of autism can include challenges in social interaction and communication skills. Internationally, we see consensus among experts that the number of individuals with autism is growing.

Individuals with autism often display positive characteristics like:

  • Mathematical, technological, musical (or other artistic) abilities
  • Intense interests
  • Excellent concentration and focus skills – especially on a preferred activity
  • Strong visual acuity
  • Perseverance solving repetitive tasks
  • Understanding and retention of concrete concepts, patterns and rules
  • Good rote and long term memory of facts, statistics, etc.
  • Adherence to rules, honesty

At Specialisterne, we assess, train and make use of the characteristics in job settings to provide valuable tasks for our corporate partners.

According to Eurostat, the UK has a population of over 62 million people and research suggests that nearly 1% of the population – or 336.696 million people in the UK – may have an Autism Spectrum Condition. Around 700,000 people may have autism, or more than 1 in 100 in the population.

According to the National Autistic Society’s Survey 2012, 59% of people with autism in the UK don’t believe or don’t know if they will ever get a paid job. Only 15% of people with autism are in full time employment, indicating a large untapped potential as 85% are without a full time employment. While ASC has received a lot of attention there is still a lack of suitable employment opportunities.

With a significant increase in the number of individuals with ASC exiting secondary education, there is growing recognition of the critical need for programs that harness the skills and abilities of this population.

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