Business Services

Services range from software management to data testing and logistics, to consultancy and design.

Specialisterne’s operations around the globe can provide a range of services to meet today’s business needs. Services range from software management to data testing and logistics, to consultancy and design – all depending on the profile of the Specialist. Specialisterne Services can be grouped into a number of distinct areas:

  • Software Testing & Development
  • Hardware Testing
  • Data Management
  • Any other unique requirements e.g. Engineering, Research, Compliance, Mathematics Modelling

What can we do for you?

Our Specialists have a passion for detail that is second to none, and bring unique competencies to tasks that most company employees are less motivated to perform, and therefore more prone to errors. The unique characteristics of Autism and similar challenges mean that our Specialists actually enjoy tasks that most employees find boring, repetitive or difficult due to the level of detail and concentration required. The services we offer therefore are characterized by the unique competencies of our Specialists such as:

  • The ability to obtain a high level of concentration for longer that average periods of time.
  • Perseverance for and enjoyment of performing repetitive actions.
  • The ability to recognize patterns.
  • The ability to spot deviance in data, information and systems.
  • An outstanding attention to detail.
  • A talent for process optimization.


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